People are the strongest asset of each company. Therefore, we want to cooperate with the best people, offering an opportunity for for rewarding and developing work in return. We are not a big international corporation. We strive to createa unique work environment, in which our employees may fulfil their professional ambitions and plans in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere.

Understanding the importance of the balance between work and private life, we encourage our staff to participate in recreational activities after work.

Unique work environment

We are not a big international corporation, so forget about:

  • working in an open space office together with several dozen other employees
  • participating in a rat race
  • spending whole days in meetings
  • learning to know the company’s board from press articles only
  • using slang, which you don’t understand yourself
  • being an unimportant cog in a big organisation wheel

In Profi-Data we have managed to create a unique work environment, thanks to which you can:

  • work in a pleasant atmosphere among people you like
  • flexibly manage your work time
  • be appreciated for your effort
  • make a considerable contribution to the company’s successes
  • work in stable conditions without organisational turbulence
  • find the balance between work and private life


After hours

In Profi-Data we attach great importance to proper balance between work and private life. We would like our employees to be able to undertake new professional challenges feeling fresh and relaxed.

Therefore, we offer flexible working hours which match not only the company’s targets, but also the employees’ individual needs. We also offer the opportunity to use a wide range of recreational activities, such as swimming pool, fitness club or aqua park.

We offer an apprenticeship

Our staff are harmonious and yet a varied team. Some employees have been with the company for many years, whereas others have just started taking the first steps on their career paths.

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So, if you are a student in the final years of IT studies or you have just graduated from an IT faculty, then start your work career choosing a good employer and send your application to Profi-Data.