TIA Solution – the perfect solution based on a fully customer-centric approach

TIA was created as a comprehensive end-to-end insurance software platform to handle all your business processes

TIA provides insurance companies with perfect solutions

TIA is a comprehensive insurance solution adjusted to the needs of the insurance market, supporting your business today and in the future. TIA solution is flexible, modern and helps drive your business processes.

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What does TIA Solution offer?

It handles all major insurance processes, supports and manages the entire insurance value chain: from planning marketing activities, quotation, the entire policy lifecycle, commission, compensation handling – including integration with external service-providers – to claims handling, reinsurance and management information.

With TIA you will become part of one of the largest insurer community in the world

It all began in 1986 when a major Nordic insurance company decided to expand globally, starting with the United Kingdom. Results of this venture exceeded the most daring expectations. A very well-structured and incredibly flexible insurance data model was created. Today TIA is not only a software producer. Today TIA stands for a solution that understands insurers. When you use TIA in your work, you get a solid and reliable platform, which is easy to use, customer-centric and – which is important – regularly updated.


How can TIA change your business?

Thanks to TIA solutions you can:
- transform and grow your business while focusing on acquiring true business value;
- simplify your current way of running business;
- become a thoroughly customer-oriented company due to the ability of sharing customer data throughout your organization;
- use customer opinions needed to build long-term profitability.

Profi-Data is a TIA Solution Partner

  • Our consultants have the knowledge and proven methods to support the TIA deployment projects. It’s important for us that our customers receive good and fair advisory services, which let them easily use the system and improve the functionality of the TIA solutions.


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